Deleting Domains Search Tool

Deleting Domains Search Tool

Each day we harvest a huge list (over 500,000) of domains who’s registration recently expired or are about to become free to register. These domains are often high quality and keyword rich and many of them are snatched up by “back order” services that command huge amounts of computing power doing nothing but waiting on the domains to drop and then registering them within seconds – sometimes even faster. The good news is that you can contract with these services and they can help you get the domain you want! This tool enables you to scout out the domains you are interested in acquiring. Once you download the application (it’s a zip file) you can extract the zip file and give it a go. It connects to the internet and downloads an all new list any time you click the “web” button,  so if asked make sure you choose to allow it to have access. Good luck and happy hunting! [Download Deleting Domains Search Tool]

Planned Improvements

This application, like every piece of software, has opportunities for improvement – both in features and in optimizations. Things I’ve got in mind that aren’t yet done will be listed below in normal font. As I complete things I’ll try to change it to strike-through and put a date in place.

Features to add:

Requested 2/28/2016: Filter on “Activity Type” column

Requested 2/28/2016: DELETING domains go 5 days into the future but start 2 days into the future. We need to include TODAY and tomorrow rather than skipping ahead.

Requested 2/28/2016: Ability to have multiple “avoid” words and maybe even include some by default

Requested 2/29/2016: GoDaddy has  auction  / closeout / other domains for sale. It would be good if we could include them in the list.

Requested 2/29/2016: See if justdropped offers a current list that can be made available.